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Go Back to Hiding in the Shadows Limited Edition Art Print available through Retune Art Shop


Fotonica Festival, (Rome, IT), 2018 Go Back to Hiding in the Shadows, Live Audiovisual Performance

Go Back to Hiding in the Shadows

an audiovisual work by Pandelis Diamantides

A digital granary of processed instrumental and electronic sounds, field recordings, rock formations, plants, animals and swarms unfolds a narrative of becoming.

The prime material of the work consists of deconstructed human voices, physical instruments and field recordings dissolved in an imagery of photographs, videos and processed visual material collected around the Troodos mountain range on the island of Cyprus.

world premiere International Film Festival Rotterdam - Sound//Vision - 27/01/2018

publication Go Back to Hiding in the Shadows Publication ΠΠ Gallery

interview Go Back to Hiding in the Shadows Interview Oddstream Festival

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Pandelis Diamantides

Pandelis Diamantides |1978| is a sound and visual artist working between Cyprus and The Netherlands.

In his music productions and audiovisual performances, he uses custom digital technology to create complex binary landscapes, where detailed sound compositions and electronic rhythms are enhanced by multifaceted visuals providing a true immersive experience. He performs solo under the pseudonym Microseq.

Through a series of collaborations he created and co-ceated audiovisual performances, interactive and non-interactive audiovisual installations, music and sound for contemporary dance and theater.

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selected Performances

Patchlab Festival (Krakow, PL), 2018

Oddstream Festival (Arnhem, NL), 2018

Retune Festival (Berlin, DE), 2018

LOOS (The Hague, NL), 2018

Athens Digital Arts Festival (Athens, GR), 2018

AV Node (Istanbul, TR), 2018

International Film Festival Rotterdam (Rotterdam, NL), 2018

FIBER (Amsterdam, NL), 2017

Thkio Ppalies Gallery (Nicosia, CY), 2017

Athens Digital Arts Festival (Athens, GR), 2017

China Academy of Art (Shanghai, CH), 2016

SPEKTRUM (Berlin, DE), 2016

ISFFC Festival, (Limassol. CY), 2016

Incubate Festival (Tilburg, NL), 2016

Mirage Festival (Lyon, FR), 2016

Tec Art Festival (Rotterdam, NL), 2016

Gogbot Festival (Enschede, NL), 2015

FIBER Festival (Amsterdam, NL), 2015

OT301, (Amsterdam, NL), 2015

Loop Festival (Nicosia, CY), 2014

Mediamatic Fabriek, (Amsterdam, NL), 2013

The Vortex, (London, UK), 2013

Athens Festival, (Athens, GR), 2012

Venice Biennale, (Venice, IT), 2012

TodaysArt Festival (The Hague, NL), 2012

Selected Exhibitions

GOGBOT Festival (Enschede, NL), 2017

SXSW Festival (Austin, USA), 2017

Leeds Digital Festival (Leeds, UK), 2017

Athens Digital Arts Festival (Athens, GR), 2017

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL), 2016

Gabriel Rolt Gallery (Amsterdam, NL), 2016

3LD (New York, USA), 2016

Reykjavik Art Museum x Iceland Airwaves (Reykjavik, Iceland), 2016

Van Gogh Museum x The Creators Project (Amsterdam, NL), 2016

FORMS (Toronto, CA), 2016

TETEM (Enschede, NL), 2016

Benaki Museum (Athens, GR), 2016

Lowlands Festival (Biddinghuizen, NL), 2015

Selected Presentations

Cyprus University of Technology (Limassol, CY), 2017 - Designing for Non-linear Narratives

RTL Late Night (Dutch national TV), 2017 - Creating Music Through Our Emotions

FORMS (Toronto, CA), 2016 - AI In Art Is Metaphor

MTA (Beijing, CH), 2016 - Discovering Interfaces Between Art, Technology and Sound

TEDx Limassol (Limassol, CY), 2014 - Technology For The Public Space


The Lumen Prize, 2016 - finalist in the category 3D/Sculpture


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